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About Desi...

Desirae Ava Grace Cechin was born on June 5, 2009, in Palm Springs, California. When Desirae was young, and old enough to talk, she decided that she wanted to be called Desi.

Desi's very early years were filled with all the normal activities that little girls love. She loved school, arts and crafts, dancing, coloring, painting, riding her bike, playing in the sand box, camping, going to the beach and playing with her sissy and brother. Desi loved her life. She lived in the moment, and her spirit was always very bright.

On April 15, 2014, Desi’s life was forever changed and we received the news that no parent wants to hear. After a CT scan in a cold and unfamiliar emergency room at the hospital, we were told that our sweet, innocent, loving 4-year old daughter, Desirae, had a large tumor overtaking her tiny abdomen. Scans and tests and painful procedures would be the norm for Desi over the next 23 months, as this horrible monster would progress and progress.  This monster: Stage IV High-Risk Neuroblastoma cancer was an extremely aggressive cancer that required intensive, painful treatments.  We created Team Desi and “Believing For Desi” on Facebook, not only to support our daughter, but to also share her journey. Desi’s story touched everyone in our community as well as across the nation. The encouragement was felt from all over the country. We felt it was important to post updates on Desi every step of the way. Photos and video’s showed our child facing cancer but throughout all of it, she was still smiling. Desi would not be defined by cancer. She continued to dance, text and FaceTime, inspiring thousands of people all over the world with her infectious spirit.  Desi's Facebook page received thousands and thousands of messages from people who said Desi had changed their lives. Even adults with cancer have reached out to say just how much Desi has inspired them to stay strong during their own cancer treatments.

On March 16, 2016, Desi lost her long, hard-fought battle to cancer. We saw Desi endure pain NO parent should see her child experience. We as a family are committed to honoring Desi's legacy, and all that she stood for, and most importantly, how she changed and inspired peoples lives.  We are committed to making a difference in the Pediatric cancer world in Desi's name. By honoring Desi, we are taking those first steps in bringing awareness to the children that have cancer and desperately need a cure. All of these children are amazing and inspiring.

Treatments for pediatric cancer are not good enough, we need more awareness and we need more hospitals doing research. Desi's treatment should NOT be the best we have to offer. Desi and all the kids who are fighting should get better and less painful treatments.

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