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Herbert Hoover Elementary fundraiser

Last Friday, one of our amazing Team Desi supporters, Sandy Dunn, who is also a school counselor at one of our local schools, Hoover Elementary, invited and presented this check to our foundation along with an incredibly awesome group of kids helping other kids to be Desi STRONG and spread the love of her legacy 💜💛💜

Below is from Sandy herself:

I am thrilled to be part of Hoover Elementary School's CHARACTER COUNTS Program. A vital part of the program is our CHARACTER CORPS, a group of students, recommended and hand picked by their teachers, to help others by demonstrating good character.

During the month of March our CHARACTER COUNTS theme was about CARING. What better way to show we CARE than by helping others around us. The CHARACTER CORPS decided they wanted to help someone in need. They decided to raise money for the Desi Strong Foundation because they help many sick children who have cancer. We collected pennies all month for this very special cause.

The children were so enthusiastic delivering canisters to classrooms to collect coins, they made posters and decorations, and they spread the word by wearing yellow ribbons and purple bracelets. They learned the story of Desi Cechin and how she inspired so many of us.

Desi was a little girl who became very sick with cancer. She fought hard, like a fierce warrior. Desi gained her wings in March 2016, but her great spirit lives on though through the Desi Strong Foundation. This fundraiser gives every penny raised directly to the children and their families to help in so many ways. The Desi Strong Foundation is currently helping over 15 families, including one of our own Desert Sands Unified School District’s Administrators and her family.

Only 4% of government funding is specificallyused for pediatric cancer research. Together, everyone can change that and make a difference. Every penny counts.

Some classes raised $50.00 to sponsor a Desi Strong Doll for a sick child to help through their illness. The Desi Strong Doll came to school one day and the children learned so much about what patients go through when they have cancer.

When Desi was in the hospital, she was able to learn to cope with her treatment plan by role playing with her dolls. She was the doctor and her dolls were the patients. Watching her play was the inspiration behind the creation of the Desi Strong Doll. The Desi Strong Doll has cancer too. It is bald from chemotherapy, has a built in port-a-cath to access, to give medications with the syringe, applying or changing the tegaderm patch.

Thank you Hoover Elementary school for choosing our foundation to help, for sharing Desi's fight with others and for continuing to bring light to Childhood Cancer Awareness. The generosity of your students, teachers, staff, and our community has been overwhelming and very much appreciated. Believing For Desi

If you would like to sponsor a Desi Strong doll, please click on the link below:

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